Shining the Gospel Light

God is Glorified

I Corinthians 10:31

Do all unto the Glory of God

Community Baptist Church desires to give all glory to Jesus Christ

God's Word Magnified

II Timothy 4:2

Preaching the Whole Council of God

CBC desires to preach God’s Standard of Truth to this generation

God's People Edified

Ephesians 4:11-12

Encouraging, Equipping God's People to Evanglize the World

CBC desires to edify every Believer to fulfill the Will of God for his life.

Continuing Instant in Prayer in 2020

From Our Pastors:

  • The Key to Greatness

    The Key to Greatness Matthew 18:1-4; Mark 9:33-37; Luke 9:46-48 The disciples ask the Lord Jesus who will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Man in his flesh desires to be admired [...]

  • The Not-so Rich Young Ruler

    The Not so-Rich Young Ruler      This young man, a rich young ruler came kneeling before Jesus seeking eternal life. Some observations can be made as we see this encounter with the Saviour. Don’t trust [...]

  • Transformed through the Transfiguration Part II

    Transformation through the Transfiguration Continued… As the Lord Jesus Christ was transfigured, revealing His glory to these three disciples who were alone by themselves with Jesus there appeared with Jesus in glory Moses and [...]

  • Transformed through the Transfiguration

    Transformed through the Transfiguration Matthew 17; Mark 9; Luke 9 The Lord Jesus Christ took three of His close disciples up into an high mountain apart from the rest of the disciple and the [...]

  • Faith in the Storm

    Faith in the Storm Matthew 14 The Lord Jesus had just finished feeding a multitude of people numbered of 5,000 men beside women and children. Immediately following this miracle he constrains His disciples to [...]

...Thy Word is Truth... John 17:17

Discovering answers for every problem from God's Word even as we shine the Gospel light!

Service Times:

9:30 AM– Sunday School

10:30 AM– Preaching & Worship

5:00 PM– Men’s & Ladies’ Prayer Fellowship

6:00 PM– Preaching & Worship


3:30 PM First Wednesday– Teen PCL

7:00 PM– Prayer, Praise, & Preaching; Children’s GROW Club