II Timothy 2:1 Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 

Consider some truths about spiritual strength for the Christian life.
1. Commanded. There is no place for weakness in the ranks of Jesus Christ. This command is not optional. It is a command.
2. Context. The strength is needed because of the sufferings that will come to those who will not be ashamed of the gospel and be a partaker of the afflictions of the Gospel.
3. Christ. The Grace for the Christian is not found in himself. This is not a “Army Strong” type of strength. Grace is sufficient for any battle and is found in Christ Jesus who filleth all in all.
4. Conflict. The world would have us believe that grace is only for the weak. Strong men in the world have no need of grace. The Believer knows that he is weak and in need of grace. Thus a strong man is one who in weakness relies upon a strong God. The Key to being strong in Jesus’s Grace is to be first weak. II Corinthians 12:9
5. Condescension. Grace is only accessed by the humble. Pride closes the door to the availability of God’s grace. James 4:6; I Peter 5:5; Isaiah 57:15; Isaiah 66:2
6. Confidence. The only key to grace is complete trust upon the promises of the Word of God. God tells us grace is available to be strong. We must trust Him for this grace. Faith simply receives the grace of God as it perceives the absolute need.