The Anatomy of an Divine Appointment

Acts 8

Philip the Evangelist was being used by the Lord to see souls converted to the Saviour in the town of Samaria. There were souls believing and great joy among the people. God asks Philip to leave this area of ministry and go toward the south. Philip is about to be used by God for a Divine Appointment to witness. Somewhere down south God has been working on the heart of a man who is ready to receive Christ.

What are some of the components of a Divine Appointment?

God’s Providence: God’s Divine plan for souls to be saved

  • God had been meeting with Philip in Samaria and there is Spiritual Fruit.
  • God asks Philip to Get up and Go!

God’s Preacher: A Man with an intimate relationship with the Lord

  • A Faithful Man: The Lord is able to entrust to Philip this task because he is already working for the Lord.
  • A Surrendered Man: God is able to ask Philip to leave the work he is already doing for the Lord and Philip humbly submits and obeys without asking why.
  • A Faith-Filled Man: Obedient to travel without knowing the specifics. Go South… This takes faith
  • A Spirit-Controlled Man: The Lord is able to use a Spirit Controlled man to be a witness for Him. Sensitive to the Leading of the Spirit. Go near…
  • A Compassionate Man: A passion and compassion for the crowd as well as for the individual. This man has time for souls. Spirit-filled will result in love and compassion.
  • An Educated Man: He being a student of the Word is able to preach Jesus from any text! Able to begin anywhere and preach Christ! II Tim. 2:15 This is not to be confused with being an intellectual, but rather having God’s Words in the heart so that the Spirit might be able to use them. A stranger to the Scripture will find it hard to preach Christ from its pages.
  • A Patient Man: He waits upon God for a willing convert! He did not force this sinner to pray a prayer but waited for all thine heart belief. Sadly many do not let the Lord do the work but by logic, craft, or manipulation seek to force a convert. Remember the gospel is its own power.

God Prepared Sinner: A seeking sinner who is coming to the light.

  • Reading the Scriptures
  • Realizing ignorance: Asking questions and seeking guidance. Always answer questions from the pages of the Scripture.
  • Ready to listen
  • Rejoicing saved soul!