School of the Scriptures

Without knowledge of the Word of God, believers cannot be faithful or fruitful in their spiritual walk nor can they “draw nigh to God” as scripture admonishes them to do (James 4:8). Bible ignorance is epidemic and is a major cause of spiritual confusion, compromise and corruption among God’s people. The Apostle Paul prayed that believers would abound in a love for God and others based on knowledge and judgment (discernment). This can only happen as the heart and mind are immersed in the truth of the Bible.

The School of the Scriptures ministry was founded in 2010 as a means to nourish men, women and teenagers to a strong, healthy and useful Christian life. All of these courses of study are pursued from an unapologetic Biblicist, Baptist, separatist, literalist, TR position with the ultimate aim of learning, loving, and be loyal to the Word of God and the God of the Word.

SOS convenes in two semesters annually (Fall/Spring) meeting each Monday evening for twelve consecutive weeks. Normally three (3) courses are offered each semester. Students have the option to audit or credit courses and may pursue a four – year track of study earning a completed Community Baptist School of the Scriptures diploma.

Current SOS instructors:

*Dr. David A. Smith, Senior Pastor Community Baptist Church

*Pastor David J. Smith, Assistant Pastor Community Baptist Church

*Pastor Jon Stockton, Assistant Pastor Music, Community Baptist Church

*Dr. Mel Hall, Founder and Pastor emeritus Calvary Baptist Church, Elkins Park

*William Gotwals, Administrator of Community Baptist Church

School of the Scriptures Course Offerings:

*Beginnings – Genesis 1-11 (Taught Sept. 2010)                   *Christian Home (Spring 2013)

*Pneumatology (Taught Sept. 2010)                                       *Eschatology (Spring 2013)

*Angels and Demons (Taught Feb. 2011)                              *Baptist History II (Spring 2013)

*Epistle of James (Taught Feb. 2011)                                    *New Testament Survey (Fall 2013)

*Separation (Taught Sept. 2011)                                             *Ecclesiology (Fall 2013)

*I & II Peter, Jude (Taught Sept. 2011)                                 *Life of Christ (Fall 2013)

*Proverbs (Spring 2012)                                                          *Pastoral Epistles (Spring 2014)

*Baptist History I (Spring 2012)                                            *Revelation (Spring 2014)

*Christology (Spring 2012)                                                     *Biblical Evangelism (Spring 2014)

*Philippian Epistle (Fall 2012)                                               *Christian Ethics and Leadership

*Soteriology (Fall 2012)                                                         *Bibliology

*Old Testament Survey (Fall 2012)                                      *Minor Prophets

Other Courses and Electives:

*Epistle to the Hebrews                                           *Dispensations/Hermeneutics

*Book of Acts                                                         *Biblical Counseling

*Daniel                                                                  *Poetical Books

*Cults and Current Trends (Spring 2017)                                 *Biblical Philosophy of Music

*Old Testament Tabernacle                                *Life Stewardship (Fall 2016)

School of the Scriptures Seminary Modules:

Each Spring a Seminary Module is offered.

*Courses Completed:

Bibliology I & II                              Acts

Ephesians                                         Matthew

Pastoral Epistles                             I & II Thessalonians

Job                                                     I Corinthians

II Corinthians                                  Romans

June 2017 Course:  Isaiah

These are offered in one full week in the month of June, Monday – Friday, 5:00 – 10:00 p.m.   (Each module is worth three (3) credit hours toward a *seminary degree – may be audited $75.00 per course; Credited at $350.00 a course.)

*Bible Baptist Seminary of Cromwell, CT (Ministry of Bible Baptist Church, Dr. Thomas Strouse)