Mission’s Philosophy

As a New Testament local church, we believe it is our responsibility to do everything within our power to spread the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, not only to our local area, but also around the entire world. God’s heartbeat is global in scope, and those who have been redeemed by the blood of His Son should share in that passion for the entire world to have the opportunity to receive Christ.

As a church dedicated to the cause of global missions, we endeavor to invest prayer and financial resources behind faithful servants who carry the message to the far reaches of our world. Community Baptist Church encourages obedience and commitment in this enterprise through the vehicle of Faith Promise giving.

In seeking to imitate the Scriptural pattern for New Testament missions, the following principles guide us in the determination of financial support:

1. These ministries are directly involved in local church planting.

2. These ministries agree with CBC in doctrine, philosphy and practice.

3. These ministries insist on careful financial stewardship, and practice faithful accountability of their ministry to their local church.

4. These ministries practice New Testament principles of ecclesiastical, moral, and personal separation.